Birds Eye Imaging utilizes a 14.1 megapixel ultra-wide angle lens camera which shoots photos and video in 1080p. For ground shots, we have numerous cameras that shoot flawless 1080p as well. The aerial imaging we produce provides a completely unique and thrilling perspective for customers and consumers alike. Whether it be real estate or promotional videos, Birds Eye only shoots and edits video with utmost quality. Our aircrafts are equipped with GPS and live video feed so we always know where the camera is and what it sees. Years of flying experience and cutting-edge technology allow us to safely fly under 400 feet. As a result, we are able to capture memorable images.

For years, remote controlled (RC) airplanes, gliders, and helicopters have been a hobby amongst many. Some may call them a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) or drone, for short. Thanks to the rules set by The Academy of Model Aeronautics, fliers have been able to enjoy this hobby worry-free. Over time, “first-person view” flying (also known as FPV) gained popularity, while also introducing numerous advantages for real-life applications. Recently  the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has attempted to regulate RC aircraft flights. Currently, all court cases involving the FAA have been dismissed and all charges have been dropped.

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