As technology changes, so must we.

That’s why Birds Eye Imaging has developed a simple and cost-effective method to fully capture every beautiful angle of your listing with aerial photography and videography.

We can fly as close as 4 feet away from the home, to 400 feet away from the home. Our camera takes stunning HD photos and video, offering a complete 360 degree view of the property. In doing so, we allow buyers to see each and every side of the property before visiting, ensuring that time is not wasted for neither the buyer, nor the broker.

At Birds Eye Imaging, we operate our drone with a cinematic eye and edit the footage tastefully with pleasant music chosen by our clients. Watching a Birds Eye listing video is like watching a charming short film. Not only do our videos show off the listing for informational purposes, but they captivate and evoke emotion.

With the current state of technology, pairing a listing with a video tour is crucial to staying competitive in the market. But why stay competitive when you can be at the top?

Keep up with the times, Birds Eye Imaging is the future.